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The Indian National Satellite (INSAT) system which are placed in Geo-stationary orbits is one of the largest domestic communication satellite systems in Asia-Pacific region. Established in 1983 with commissioning of INSAT-1B, it initiated a major revolution in India’s communications sector and sustained the same later. INSAT space segment consists of 24 satellites out of which 10 are in service (INSAT-2E, INSAT-3A, INSAT-4B, INSAT-3C, INSAT-3E, KALPANA-1, INSAT-4A, INSAT-4CR,GSAT-8 and GSAT-12)

The system with a total of 187 transponders in the C, Extended C and Ku-bands provides services to telecommunications, television broadcasting, weather forecasting, disaster warning and Search and Rescue operations.
Launch Date
GSAT-12 carries 12 Extended C-band transponders. More..
Launch Date
GSAT-8 is a high power communication satellite More..
Launch Date 25.12.2010 
GSAT-5P was the fifth satellite in the GSAT series weighing 2310 kg  More..
Launch Date
GSAT-4 was an experimental satellite weighing 2220 kg More..
Launch Date 02.09.2007 
INSAT-4CR was injected into the orbit by GSLV-F04 rocket from SDSC, SHAR.  More..
Launch Date
INSAT – 4B Spacecraft is the second in the INSAT 4 series of spacecrafts and is configured with exclusive communication payload More..
Launch Date
INSAT–4C spacecraft is configured with exclusive Ku band;however, could not complete the mission.   More..
Launch Date
INSAT-4A, first in INSAT-4 Satellites series provides services in Ku and C-band frequency bands. More..
Launch Date
HAMSAT is ISRO’s first theme based Micro Satellite meant for providing Satellite based Amateur Radio services  More..
Launch Date
GSAT – 3, well known as EDUSAT is meant for distant class room education More..
Launch Date
INSAT-3E, an exclusive communication satellite to further augment the communication services provided by the INSAT System. More..
Launch Date
GSAT-2 is a 2000 kg class experimental communication satellite More..
Launch Date
INSAT – 3A is a multipurpose satellite for providing telecommunications, television broadcasting, meteorological and search and rescue services. More..
Launch Date
Kalpana – 1 is the first in the series of exclusive meteorological satellites built by ISRO. More..
Launch Date
INSAT – 3C to augment the existing INSAT capacity for communication and broadcasting  More..
Launch Date
GSAT-1 is envisaged as a technology demonstrator. More..
Launch Date
INSAT – 3B was the first of the five ISRO built satellites under INSAT – 3 series.   More..
Launch Date
INSAT - 2E, the last of the INSAT -2 series of satellites built by ISRO More..
Launch Date
Jan 1998 
Communication satellite, replacement for INSAT-2D. More..
Launch Date
The spacecraft are similar to the earlier Insats but are 200 kg heavier at launch (2,100 kg) More..
Launch Date
Power of four C-band transponders increased to improve communication facilities in remote areas More..
Launch Date
Insat-2A, B of the Insat-2 series of satellites built by ISRO, are multi-purpose satellites for telecommunication More..
Launch Date
First Multipurpose satellite built by India, Sucessfully Operationalised in August 1992. More..
Launch Date
The specification for the Insat-1D is the same as the Insat-1B but with expanded battery and propellant capacities. More..
Launch Date
The Insat-1C satellite was launched on 21 July 1988 from Kourou for location at 93.5° E to bring the Insat system up to full capacity. More..
Launch Date
When Insat-1B was launched on 30 August 1983, it almost suffered the same fate as the Insat-1A. More..
Launch Date
Insat-1 was a multi-purpose satellite system to provide two high power TV broadcast and twelve telecommunications national coverage transpondersMore..
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